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We need help...

There are many ways in which you can support Acting Like Mad:

  1. 1.Financially

Creating theatre in the UK is expensive, and all the work we are doing is funded by our passion and by asking for a lot of favours. Your donation, however small, can help make a good production an excellent one.

Please feel free to

Alternatively, please email us directly to see if there might be a sponsorship deal we can tailor to suit your and/or your company’s needs.

2. Spread The Word

Like what you see? Why not tell your friends? There are now so many ways in which to keep in touch with us. You can follows us on Twitter, like us on Facebook or tell people to join our mailing list (after you’ve joined yourself, obviously!), and get updated information on all our upcoming shows. Join, tweet, like and tell all your friends to do so too.

3. Join Us

Do you have a skill set that you think can help? Whether you’re a film maker, photographer, designer, composer, builder, or just want to volunteer and help create our next performance, please get in touch, and let’s have coffee. Become part of the Acting Like Mad family.

Just drop us a line by clicking here.

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