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On 8th of April 2008, ALM opened the Lost Festival of one-act plays with Living With… The show was a great success and the company has since grown in its ambitious projects as well as its members. We try to create weird and wonderful worlds that reflect upon our own, without presenting it as it actually is. By that we mean we look for different ways to present theatre that isn’t necessarily naturalistic. We deal with ideas and thoughts and try to convey them in entertaining ways. We create comedies that question human existence as well as the role of theatre. The company is now in its fifth year after a successful national tour and the prospects for the future are bright.

The Team:

Artistic Director: Sebastian Rex

Company Manager: Venetia Twigg

Venetia has extensive touring experience as both actor and producer, and runs Theatrical Niche Ltd, her touring theatre company. Venetia first began working with Sebastian on a modern musical version of Love’s Labour’s Lost and has began working with ALM since The Woyzeck to furher ALM’s reach. Venetia previously adapted Ibesn’s A Doll’s House for a National Tour in 2010, and also writes for various arts websites.

Consultant Producer: Niamh de Valera

Niamh first worked with ALM as producer on $ellebrity as part of Naughty!, a co-production with Sebastian Rex Dance Group, and has since done various work with the company, including fundraising, managing and producing The Woyzeck at New Diorama. She is also the social media coordinator and manages our Twitter and Facebook accounts. She is General Manager at Blue Elephant Theatre.


ALM works with a pool of associate artists. If you would like to join the pool, please contact us.

Stage Manager: Ina Berggren

Ina first worked with ALM on Spare and has since stage managed on most of Sebastian’s productions. She is a freelance SM and technician.

Lighting Designer: Claire Childs

Claire first worked with ALM on $ellebrity and later did the lighting for Spare. She works as a freelance lighting designer and technician. You can read more information about her work on her website.

Photographer: Tina Engstrom

Tina has been photographing ALM from the very first day. She has done all shows, except for The Woyzeck, and holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Photography from Central St. Martin. If you would like more information, please email her directly here.

Lighting Designer: Nic Farman

Nic is a versatile lighting designer based in the UK. He has worked on a variety of projects, ranging from new writing and classic play texts, to musicals, installations, promenade performance and movement based pieces. He is a graduate of the Rose Bruford Lighting Design course with First Class Honors. Nic first worked with ALM on The Woyzeck tour, after working with Sebastian on the Space Production of Fulfil Me Fully, Phil at The Space. He is a freelance lighting designer and technician. You can read more information about his work on his website.

Composer: Noam Galperin

Noam worked with ALM on composing the songs for Fulfil Me Fully, Phil. He is a talented singer/songwriter as well as a musical director. You can find out more about him in his website.

Set Designer: Anna Soboleva

Anna was born and grew up in Riga, Latvia. She studied Theatre Design in Nottingham Trent University and moved to London straight after graduation. Anna has worked with such companies as Blind Summit, Stage Punk, Acting like Mad and Space Productions. She sees theatre as a way to create new worlds. Anna believes that scenography should represent life in a beautiful and symbolic way, always discovering and showing life from a different perspective. For her, theatre is a unique domain where life and art become one inseparable thing. You can read more about her work on her website.

Associate Actors:

Ido Gonen

©  2013 Acting Like Mad

Sebastian founded ALM in 2008 and has since written or adapted all of ALM’s productions. His background is both in dance and theatre. For more information about his other work, please click here.


Sound Designer: Theo Holloway

Theo's first worked with ALM as composer and sound designer on Spare. He is currently working with them on Mac-Beth. He also works as a technical consultant and software developer for live sound, specialising in radio frequency engineering.

For a complete list of credits, please visit his website.


Composer: James E. Anderson

James first worked with ALM for the 2012 adaptation of The Woyzeck, and its subsequent 2013 UK tour. Away from the theatre, he’s a freelance composer and orchestrator for film, web series’, and other mediums, as well as songwriter, guitarist and vocalist for indie rock band Avon Cottage

To find out more about James, follow him on Twitter or visit his website.